Marketing, Brand Strategy and Positioning


A leading healthcare solutions provider in Canada went from being a not-for-profit organization to privately-owned. In an effort to strengthen their brand identity and secure ongoing media visibility, they wanted to create a thought leadership program that would afford them the opportunity to offer its unique points of view on a variety of mental health issues. The campaign strategy aims to build a new “social institution” — a permanent structure joining all parties involved in youth mental health and technology. Members of this community would feel united by fulfilling a vital social function and be motivated by status and public acknowledgement.

Through a series of interviews, AAG worked with the executive team to secure their perspectives on healthcare and technology industry issues and develop eight areas of opportunity for visibility. Using some of the top minds in the company, we created an executive visibility platform. Then the team went to work, pitching these platforms to industry conferences and target media. The strategy was translated into a multi-faceted campaign using a mix of business development tactics and communications channels — with more than 25 events in FY1— to engage multiple audiences and kick off the launch of the business.

The first year of the campaign built the foundation of a “360º model of care” by developing key messages, launching basic communication channels, and creating a visual identity for the service and program. AAG built the company’s social media presence (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) as well as designing and building their corporate website from the ground up. Additionally, audience-specific activities were implemented including media seminars, and round tables with local government authorities, youth, parents, health practitioners and research based institutions, NGOs and the business community.


AAG increased the clients share of voice in the industry dialogue and strengthened thought leadership positioning by linking the visibility platforms with marketplace issues. By the end of 2014, the team secured more than 10 speaking engagements for the company’s founder and CEO and dozens of media interviews (radio, print, television).

AAG also organized a “launch event” and fundraiser and silent auction for mental health. This was used as a vehicle to launch the opening of the new business. The event successfully raised $200,000 to provide treatment beds to youth in Ontario. In addition, a social media release featuring b-roll from the event generated over 500 views in just 30 days. AAG was also successful in positioning the Founder & CEO as the recipient of the Women in Business Entrepreneur of the Year Award.

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