Public Affairs

AAG helps clients navigate a complex environment where multiple stakeholders are influencing decisions that impact our clients’ abilities to operate and grow.

At AAG, we develop strategies that enable clients to raise and preserve their positive profiles while establishing productive relationships. We build brand awareness for our clients by executing strategic marketing campaigns that include public relations, media relations, public affairs, government relations, content development, website development, and social media channel management.

With professionals in Canada and throughout our global network, we design programs to address legislative and regulatory matters, position litigation and influence public opinion by engaging key opinion leaders from elite media to civil society to policymakers. Working together, we help clients manage both issues and reputations — earning the trust that engenders the license to lead.

AAG provides clients with innovative solutions to address the complex challenges they face, through effectively engaging targeted stakeholder organizations, groups and individuals. We assist our clients in opening doors, identifying strategic connections, fostering relationships, formalizing alliances, amplifying messages and maximizing the effectiveness of their campaigns, initiatives and partnerships.

We recruit, coordinate, engage and mobilize third-party relationships and coalitions to shape and influence public policy and reputational issues impacting our clients.


  • Strategic intelligence
  • Stakeholder mapping and engagement
  • Coalition building
  • Market entry
  • Internal communications

Our Team.

Through our team’s experience in capitals around the globe—from Ottawa and Washington, D.C. to Cairo and Geneva and New Delhi, we bring to our clients the knowledge of the workings of government, business, civil society, and international organizations, as well as a deep understanding of the issues—from international development, international trade, energy, education, to health and nutrition, to technology to financial services. We monitor and analyze the issues, and provide insight into their possible evolution, helping clients prepare in the process. Our extensive network provides access to nationally and internationally respected communications and public affairs advisors and business development experts alike – a distinguished group of non-partisan strategists and experts.


We have a dedicated team of experts that we deploy across Canada and around the globe to focus on your most pressing strategic communications needs.

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