Managing the Risks of Brexit

Every company with interests in the UK and the EU will need to assess the impact of Brexit on their commercial operations and international strategy. We can provide strategic advice to help your business understand Brexit, manage the risks and its implications for your future commercial success.

Managing the risks of Brexit in the coming weeks, months and years ahead businesses will be considering key issues such as:

• What should we be doing as an organisation to prepare for Brexit and what are the implications for us?

• How can Brexit directly affect our business objectives in the UK?

• How can Brexit directly affect cross border trade across the EU?”

• How does Brexit impact the Canada-Europe Free Trade deal?

And what happens next……

This is where we come in. AAG understands the business and political landscape and we are putting that knowledge to work for our clients. We combine our presence on the ground in Europe, our deep connections in London, Brussels, Geneva, and our strong sector specific understanding with core international trade and investment expertise.

How We Can Help.

Sector specific impact assessments: Our sector teams will work with you to understand how Brexit could change your regulatory and political environment for the better or worse as well as providing you with sector specific recommendations to help you mitigate risk.

Post Brexit scenario and business planning: Scenario planning with strategic recommendations tailored to your business and sector will give you the reassurance of knowing that you’re ready to move forward with comfort.

European market expansion strategy studies: AAG provides neutral advice and guidance to help your company evaluate new European locations. We can help you identify the most promising opportunity location to meet your market expansion plans. Our international expansion studies will assess possible European market locations you can consider in establishing a new location.

• European market expansion implementation: Our teams in Europe and Canada can help you establish a new entity in Europe, assist with business and legal registrations, setting up operations, human resources, government relations, business development, marketing, communications and public relations campaigns. AAG can offer practical support for finance, human resources, government relations and other teams.

Whatever your priority is we will be able to support your organizations’ needs.

Don’t Wait Before It’s Too Late

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Soumen Hajra, Vice President for Europe