Strategic Communications

We communicate key messages and narratives to audiences using the mediums of both traditional and emerging media platforms and technologies.

At AAG, we develop strategies that enable clients to raise and preserve their positive profiles while establishing productive relationships. We build brand awareness for our clients by executing strategic marketing campaigns that include public relations, media relations, public affairs, government relations, content development, website development, and social media channel management.

Stakeholder Relations and External Communications.

Identifying those who can influence the outcome of an issue, project or event and then cultivating relationships in order to move client initiatives forward is an art.

At AAG, we facilitate stakeholder relations – be it on a grassroots, national or global level, with industry leaders, legislators or organizations – to align advocates and sponsors with your interests, and business objectives. We take an “offline, online” integrated approach, factoring in digital influencers and the power of social media to cross-pollinate and target your key messages to specific audiences.


To this offering, we further apply specific industry knowledge in areas including international development, energy, health care, natural resources, life sciences, the environment, transportation, and consumer and social marketing to deliver clients award-winning results.

  • Government relations
  • Partner communications
  • Corporate communications
  • Internal communications
  • Media and analyst relations
  • Opinion piecesPresentations and speeches
  • Press releases


AAG’s media relations professionals and partners know what makes a story compelling in a 24/7 news cycle and understand the labyrinth world of social networks. We skilfully establish your story and deliver it to the market with impact. We pride ourselves on efficient campaigns. And our media coaching guarantees that you will deliver your message succinctly and powerfully.

We have a dedicated team of experts that we deploy around the globe to focus on your most pressing strategic communications needs.

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